Are Snub-Nosed Breeds Allowed on Lufthansa Flights in 2023?

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Traveling with pets can be stressful and complicated, especially when it comes to flying. For dog lovers of snub-nosed breeds, it can be even more complicated due to airline restrictions. In this extensive article, our team at Snubby Puppy™ will cover everything you need to know about flying with your snub-nosed breed on Lufthansa [2023], including approved travel carriers, restrictions, and pet policies.

Pets Allowed on Lufthansa Flights in 2023

lufthansa snub-nosed breeds,Pets Allowed on Lufthansa Flights in 2023

Does Lufthansa allow pets? Yes, Lufthansa does allow pets on their flights, but there are restrictions. Lufthansa's pet policy adheres to the guidelines set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). They also have a comprehensive guide for traveling with animals on their website.
According to their website, Lufthansa permits cats, dogs, and birds to fly in the cabin or as checked baggage. However, the carry-on pet policy only applies to dogs and cats. Pets that can be carried on the cabin must be over 12 weeks old and weigh no more than 8 kg, and the container must be able to fit under the cabin seat. For flights to and from the United States, the maximum weight limit is 6.8 kg.

For snub-nosed breeds, Lufthansa has strict restrictions. These breeds are susceptible to breathing problems due to their shorter snouts. Hence, Lufthansa only allows snub-nosed cats and dogs to travel as cargo. Moreover, they won't accept snub-nosed pets if the temperature exceeds 25 degrees Celsius. If you're planning to fly with your snub-nosed pet, it's always best to check the Lufthansa website for breed-specific restrictions.

Approved Pet Travel Carriers

Are you planning to fly with your pet in the cabin? Then you'll need an approved travel carrier! According to Lufthansa's carry-on pet policy, the container must be able to fit under the cabin seat and be comfortable enough for the pet to stand up, lie down, and turn around. You can find Lufthansa's approved travel carriers listed on their website.

When flying with your pet, it's also important to make sure they are secure in their carriers. Some pets may try to escape, which can be dangerous when flying. Use locking clasps or zippers to keep your pet secure.

Transportation for Pets

For larger pets or those not allowed in the cabin, Lufthansa makes transportation for pets easy with their animal transport service. Here are some services provided for passengers with pets:

  • Lufthansa Cargo: For pets traveling as cargo, Lufthansa Cargo offers various options. You can either use their AC / VENT / HEAT or one of their special containers.
  • Pet Taxi: Lufthansa offers a pet taxi service that will transport your pet(s) from your home to the airport and vice versa.
  • Lufthansa Animal Lounge: Located in Frankfurt, Lufthansa’s animal lounge is a high-quality facility for animals that require transport or waiting to board a flight. It is equipped with professional staff, veterinary care, and climate-controlled kennels. This is also a must-stop for pets traveling as cargo.

Snub-Nosed Breeds – Special Considerations

As we mentioned earlier, snub-nosed breeds have restrictions when flying. This is particularly essential to ensure the safety of the pets. These breeds are more susceptible to respiratory problems than others, which can be exacerbated by air travel. It is strongly recommended that you speak with your veterinarian before flying with a snub-nosed breed. Here are some additional tips to consider:

  • Travel as Cargo: In our team's survey, we find that most pet owners of snub-nosed breeds prefer cargo transportation due to the constant temperature and pressure control in cargo areas.
  • Direct Flights: Try to book a direct flight or one with minimal connections. This will shorten travel time and reduce stress to the pet.
  • Preparing the Pet for Travel: Get your pet comfortable with their travel carrier well before you travel. This will help to reduce anxiety. Do also put some familiar things like familiar towels or blankets, toys or your own unwashed clothes inside the carrier to comfort them.
  • Talk to the Crew: Inform the Lufthansa airline crew that you are traveling with a pet. They may provide additional care for your furry friend.


Do any airlines allow snub-nosed dogs?

Yes, some airlines allow snub-nosed breeds for flying with additional restrictions. According to our survey, airlines that allow snub-nosed breeds include Delta, Emirates, Qantas, Air New Zealand, and British Airways. However, restrictions vary from airline to airline.

How strict is Lufthansa with pets in the cabin?

Lufthansa has strict rules and policies around flying with pets in the cabin or cargo. They abide by International Air Transport Association (IATA) guidelines to ensure the safety of pets during flights. It is crucial to adhere to their policies and guidelines to ensure a smooth and safe journey for your furry pet.

Does Lufthansa allow small dogs?

Yes, Lufthansa does allow small dogs to fly in the cabin under certain restrictions. The pet must be over 12 weeks old and weigh no more than 8kg, and the container must fit under the cabin seat.

Quick Tips and Facts

  • In addition to snub-nosed breeds, certain breeds like bulldogs, pugs, Persian cats, Himalayan, and Burmese cats also have restrictions on air travel.
  • If you want to bring your pet on board with you, make sure to make a reservation early and confirm with Lufthansa before the flight.
  • Always travel with your pet's identification information, in case of emergencies.
  • It's always good to acclimate your pet to their carrier before flying.

Choose Lufthansa for Safe and Comfortable Pet Travel

Lufthansa has strict policies for the safety and comfort of pets traveling on their flights. With their comprehensive guidebook on traveling with animals, owning a snub-nosed breed is no longer a hindrance in traveling. Although it can be stressful traveling with pets, Lufthansa’s pet-friendly policies and services will make you and your furry friend’s journey comfortable and safe.

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