“Are LPS Making a Comeback in 2024? Unveiling the Triumphant Return of Littlest Pet Shop! 🐾”

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Ah, nostalgia! It’s a powerful thing, isn’t it? Remember those tiny, adorable animals that could sit in the palm of your hand, with those big, shiny eyes that could melt any heart? Yes, we’re talking about Littlest Pet Shop (LPS), the collectible phenomenon that swept through the childhoods of many during the ’90s and early 2000s. But the big question that’s been buzzing around is: are LPS coming back? Stick around as we dive deep into this comeback story—you’ll want to hear this!

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Quick Answer

Yes, LPS are making a striking return in 2024! Hasbro and the toy company, Basic Fun!, have joined forces to breathe new life into this beloved series. With revamped designs and enchanting new features, LPS is set to capture hearts once more.

Quick Tips and Facts

  • Revival Announcement: Hasbro announced the relaunch of LPS in November 2022, setting a nostalgic wave in motion.
  • What to Expect: Expect modernized versions of classic pets and potentially new characters that align with current trends.
  • A Look Back: More than 3,000 unique LPS toys have been made since its inception in the 1990s.
  • Digital Leap: A new LPS game on Roblox launched in December 2023, expanding the franchise’s digital presence.

The Iconic Journey of Littlest Pet Shop

Littlest Pet Shop has charmed generations with its array of cute animal figurines and imaginative play sets. Originating in the early 1990s under Kenner, and later revitalized by Hasbro in 2005, LPS has undergone multiple transformations, each echoing the design preferences and play patterns of its time. From movable parts and magnetic features in the 1990s to generation-specific adjustments like bobble-heads and various eye designs, the journey of LPS is a rich tapestry of toy history.

Revival of the Toys: 2024 Speaks

In the latest chapter, 2024, Hasbro and Basic Fun! are promising a resurgence of these cherished toys. They plan to reintroduce classic designs with a twist of modern innovation, making sure these little pets appeal to both nostalgic adults and a new generation of kids. The goal? To blend heritage with contemporary charm, ensuring the Littlest Pet Shop remains a favorite on shelves and in hearts.

Eyes on the Media: LPS Throughout the Years

Beyond the toys, LPS has made significant paw prints in media. With several animated TV series adapting the world of these adorable animals, the brand has always found ways to stay relevant in the public eye. Integration within digital platforms like Roblox further highlights how LPS evolves with technology, meeting young audiences where they spend most of their time—online.


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Is LPS Coming Back in 2024?

YES! With a collaboration between Hasbro and Basic Fun!, a revitalized wave of Littlest Pet Shop toys is set for release in 2024.

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Are Littlest Pet Shops Discontinued?

Previously, production had slowed down, but they are not discontinued. With the upcoming 2024 launch, expect to see more of these adorable pets on store shelves.

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Why Did LPS End?

Shifting market trends and the evolving interests of children contributed to their phase-out. However,** LPS didn’t end**—they took a brief nap!

Why Did They Delete the LPS Game?

The older LPS digital games faced discontinuation due to changing technology and gaming patterns. Yet, the new Roblox LPS game is thriving, suggesting a strong digital comeback.


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The return of Littlest Pet Shop in 2024 is not just a revival—it’s a celebration. It’s a testament to the lasting appeal of these toys and their ability to adapt to new generations. Whether you’re a collector rekindling your childhood joy or a young one discovering LPS for the first time, the future looks bright and utterly adorable 😍!

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What a journey, huh? From our toy shelves to the digital realms, Littlest Pet Shop continues to make its mark. Can’t wait to see what 2024 holds! 🎉

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